Upholstery Cleaning

Have you been neglecting your upholstery? If yes, then you may not know how deteriorating it could be to the expensive fabric. Routine care of upholstery will help you maintain its original beauty. One of the best ways to undertake the task is to ensure routine upholstery cleaning. Don't know how to do it? Allow Lakeside Carpet Cleaning to help you take care of your upholstery cleaning requirements! Our team of experts will steam clean your upholstery right as per the fabric instructions (keeping safety in mind). The team may also inspect the fabric thoroughly to reach out to the best cleaning technique.

As professionals holding several years of experience, we understand that upholstery cleaning may go terribly wrong if incorrect products and techniques are used. Since inception, our organization has always focussed providing state of the art upholstery cleaning facilities to our clients at all levels.

At Lakeside Carpet Cleaning, we believe in imparting the best training to our team. They are updated with the latest and most advanced techniques and tools in the industry to to minimise the chance of mistakes while performing a cleaning task.

Our Carpet Cleaning Technicians are Capable of the following:

  • Determine and assess fibre characteristics
  • Remove soils especially those that can contribute to premature ageing of fabrics
  • Define and understand potential problems
  • Understand what cleaning agents may adversely affect or enhance the fibres
  • Restoration of upholstery to the highest standard possible
  • Awareness of environmental and health standards associated with each cleaning task undertaken at all levels

At Lakeside Carpet Cleaning, we have made it compulsory for all team members to hold training that includes in-depth learning about upholstery, the latest techniques and tools involved and ongoing training courses to ensure the professionals always keep up to date.

Our Upholstery Cleaning / Car Interiors Cleaning Process:

Step 1 – The team of specialists will pre-inspect in order to determine fabric type. They will also identify problem areas and stains. Post pre-inspection, the team will offer clients, professional advice on cleaning and methodologies required.

Step 2 – The second step involves vacuuming the upholstery with the help of an industrial vacuum. This will help the professionals eliminate excess soils from upholstery.

Step 3 – The main emphasis is given on identifying problem stains. This is done via use of a wide range of specialised non-toxic stain removers. Our team of professionals are trained to treat each individual stain as per the upholstery and stain type.

Step 4 – The upholstery is pre-clean.

Step 5 – The upholstery is buffed well with a buffer glove.

Step 6 – The upholstery is cleaned using steam clean extraction technique with the help of advanced

machines and tools. This will leave your upholstery dry and completely clean.

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