Tile & Grout

Have tiles at home? Tiles look great and add that much needed touch of sophistication to any home.However, the major problem with these beautiful additions is associated with their cleaning andmaintenance. Regardless of the quality of tiles you have installed at home, they are most likely toaccumulate dirt, grime and harmful bacteria over time. Also many home owners reach a stage where noamount of scrubbing works on grout. Would you appreciate grungy grout?

Don’t worry. There’s absolutely no need to put up with it! At Lakeside Carpet Cleaning, we offer the best of tile and grout cleaning services using high-pressure water blasting equipment. These advanced grade equipment and tools operates in conjunction with a vacuum head so that very little water is splashed about. Our techniques also ensure quick drying times.

All of our Tile & Grout cleaning services are designed to ensure efficient results. The techniques are easier and safer to use when compared to conventional mopping and bleaching. So now there's no need to get down on your knees and torment your beautiful hands. Too much of scrubbing is harmful – both for your hands and the grout. Our services have been designed to ensure 100% professional and safe cleaning for your tiles. As cleaning specialists holding many years of experience in the industry, we guarantee complete satisfaction with the end results.

The team of tile & grout cleaners are trained and upgraded with industry advancements on a regular basis. We encourage our experts to attend all and any training in this field including varied Association holding workshops. These sessions and workshops complement their training. With us, rest assured that the job will get done right, the first time. Exceeding expectations of esteemed patrons is a culture religiously followed by our organization.

The Process at Lakeside Carpet Cleaning

Did you know – dirt trapped in the pores of tiles and grout can lead to potential (irreparable) harm? Additionally, you have to face the health issues caused by bacteria and germs trapped into the dirt and grime.

Lakeside Carpet Cleaning offers a highly effective no hassle solution to clean, sterilize, revitalise and pamper your floors. With us, rest assured about getting rid of all of the dirt and grime safely and help the grouts return to their original 'new' condition. Our state of the art cleaning services will save your valuable time and money. We also promise to help the tiles and grout get rid of germs, grime and bacteria during the whole cleaning process.