Pre/Spot Stains

Lakeside Carpet Cleaning undertakes immense pleasure in having emerged as spots stains removal experts in Lake Macquarie & Newcastle. We are committed to remove the stains and spots upholstery, carpets and rugs have to endure.

Spots Stains removal is one of our specialities. Our dedicated clientèle in Lake Macquarie & Newcastle look up to us for all kinds of spot stain removal tasks. They vouch for the quality we deliver.

Lakeside Carpet Cleaning is proficient in removing most stains. Right from accidental spilling to pet urine, red wine stains, ink and everything that carpets have to endure, we remove it all – without compromising on the safety of your valuable possessions.

Holding extensive experience and knowledge in the industry (thanks to the thorough and regular industry training), our team of professionals are capable of identifying varied types of fibres and stains.

Our Lake Macquarie & Newcastle clients can rely on us completely determine the best stain removal process for their unique situation. We believe in deliver the best outcome.

Stain removal of substances demand extensive and correct knowledge gained from both training and experience. The team also requires being armed with specialised equipment and chemicals scientifically designed for specific types of stains.

Expert Advice on Spot Cleaning

Listed below are some basic rules of Spot Stain Removal:

  • Dry spots / stains – Vacuum first without delay!
  • All liquid spills should be attended promptly.
  • Always dilute spills with cold water.
  • Soak up excess liquid.
  • Strictly avoid scrubbing.
  • Blotting or tapping is the best way to deal with spills.
  • Bleach-based products are very harmful for fabrics.
  • You must leave carpets as dry as possible.
  • Cleaning agents should be used sparingly.
  • Over wetting solvents is not good. These tend to produce serious damage the carpet backing.

For fresh stubborn stain, simply call Lakeside Carpet Cleaning. Our team will be at your service as get in touch with us. We understand how important immediate action is to restore the beauty of your carpet. Hence, we don't delay action.
You may also use some of the effective stain removers available at home:

  • A solution of 1 teaspoon Dish Washing liquid and 1litre of water.
  • Methylated Spirits
  • 1 part ammonia added to 15 parts water
  • White Spirit
  • 1 part vinegar added to 1 part water

Blood Stains – These are extremely difficult to remove. Try rinsing with a mild detergent solution and cold water. Also rinse further using cloudy ammonia solution. Lastly, rinse with vinegar solution.

Dyes – These are tough to get rid of. We advice you to leave these marks a Carpet Cleaning Technician.
Coffee – Most people find it very difficult to remove the stains. Try using mild detergent solution and blot. Also use vinegar solution and blot. The blotting action is very important.
Tea – Can be difficult to get rid of. Use detergent solution and blot. Pour some vinegar solution and
Beer – This is one of the easiest stains to remove. Simply use a mild detergent solution and then rinse using very small amount of fresh water.

Lipstick – May be a little difficult. However, you may try applying dry cleaning fluid (white spirit) to a clean white cloth. Now dab right on the mark (take care NOT to rub). Also use detergent solution sparingly. Rinse sparingly using fresh water.

Rust – Best handled by experts for the sake of sensitive fibers. Urine / Vomit / Pet Poop – Can be removed with mild detergent and water solution. To get rid of the smell that gets embedded into fibers, get in touch with an expert.
Wood Stains – Are best handled by experts.

Fat – A mixture of hot water with mild detergent solution will help you get rid of it. Don’t forget to

Wax – These are very tough to remove. A do-it- yourself venture can be damaging for the fabrics.

Crayon – These are difficult to remove and also damaging to fabrics. You may use methylated spirits to

remove. Do not repeat, scrub or rub if you don’t get results.

Mould – This is health damaging and extremely difficult to handle. It is better to consult a professional service.

Reach us on 0428 467 525 for all kinds of spot & stain removal in Lake Macquarie & Newcastle. We are always eager to offer advice over the phone or assist you as and when required.