Organic Cleaning Available

Wish you could keep your house perfectly clean without having to compromise on the health of your family? Call Lakeside Carpet Cleaning. As responsible professionals, we are dedicated to using ONLY the purest organic cleaning products. All of these products are super safe for your kids and pets. We believe that each one of us should contribute to the environment by using safer, chemical free products for a variety of tasks we undertake on a daily basis. Cleaning carpets, rugs, upholstery are some of them.

Cleaning home with hazardous, toxic chemicals will certainly put your family‚Äôs health at BIG risk. You can trust our team of expert organic carpet cleaners who will use only organic chemical-free products.Don’t worry, these are strong, 100% effective yet very gentle on the environment.

Why Rely on Us?

We strongly believe that our esteemed patrons deserve a better cleaning experience which is healthy inside out. None of our techniques or products will expose you and your family to health hazardous chemicals.

There are a number of strong reasons our clients love us:

  • Organic chemical-free cleaning products used at our facility repel bugs and dust mites. These are also ideal fo your kids and pets.
  • All of our carpet cleaning services are very strong for homes, schools, colleges, hospitals andcommercial establishments despite being organic and chemical-free.
  • We have experience of many years to serve several premises across Lake Macquarie & Newcastle successfully.
  • Our organic techniques and products are highly effective in removing dust mites from Our Organic Cleaning Services

At Lakeside Carpet Cleaning, we offer a full range of cleaning services. All of these are undertaken by using our pure and guaranteed range of organic, chemical-free products. These include:

  • Organic carpet cleaning
  • Organic dust mite treatments
  • Organic upholstery cleaning
  • Organic automotive cleaning
  • Organic vehicle carpet cleaning
  • Organic upholstery cleaning
  • Many more

Want to know more about our services? Our team of experts is eager and very happy to discuss the benefits of 100% organic chemical-free cleaning. Call us and know how we can help transform your space.