Dust Mite Treatment

How clean are your mattresses? You may be terrified to know that mattresses are the dirtiest items at home? Yes, these comfort providers are potential site for damaging breeders. Unfortunately, these are expensive. It is not possible to replace these frequently to enjoy clean and hygienic place to sleep.

Don’t worry. At Lakeside Carpet Cleaners, we practise a 100% effective system for killing and removing dust mites. As professionals dealing with dust mites, we understand that excrement of these invisible creatures can make your mattress extremely harmful for your health. Our techniques and tools are designed in a fashion to keep the mattresses hygienically clean and free of faeces and dead skin shed by human, all the time.

Did you know there are at least 1 million dust mites in your mattress and feasting on your dead skin? Result – allergies, breathing troubles, allergic attacks and much more.

No matter how clean your house is, your mattress is known to be a toxic breeding ground. Hence, it is crucial to follow certain cleaning rules such as sanitising, deodorise, vacuuming, protection against allergies and much more.

With us, you can rest assured about the safest, the best, highly professional and most effective mattress cleaning method. We also kill and remove dust mites on carpets, rugs and upholstery. Our sanitising techniques are renowned for their effectiveness.

Why protect your upholstery from dust mites?

Dust mites are invisible (minute) creatures who excrete microscopic faecal pellets. These pellets turn into airborne elements comprising of powerful allergens capable of triggering allergic diseases such as rhinitis, asthma, eczema, etc.

Our Guarantee

Realising how harmful dust mites are for your health and that of your family members, we use only the safest, most effective and professional services backed by genuine money back offer to keep your home healthy and hygienic all the time.

All of the procedures followed at Lakeside Carpet Cleaning are damage free and ensure premium grade cleaning. We guarantee complete relief for allergy and asthma sufferers with our services. Most home owners develop severe allergies to dust mite excrement. We kill and remove allergens that trigger allergic reactions and result in all kinds of health problems.

According to a research over 40-45% of Australians suffer from allergies. Dirty mattresses and upholstery are the major reason behind this problem. Since inception, our organization has felt responsible towards society and various health problems faced by people due to environmental pollutants, hazards and other issues.

Health experts believe that presence of dust mites at home can result in lifelong allergy. Reach us for a perfectly clean, dust mite free mattress and upholstery. Our professionals are committed to offer 100% protection for your family against these allergens and related health issues.

Lakeside Carpet Cleaning use world class portable equipment that vibrates and pulsates the upholstery and mattress to extract mites, excrement, remove dead skin, and all other allergens.

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